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Shevah Mofet High School
Tel Aviv, Israel
Shevah Mofet High School
Tel Aviv, Israel

Shevah Mofet High School was established in 1946 as a vocational school. Since the 1990s, new programs were inaugurated to meet the needs of the Russian immigrant population in Israel. The school is a 6-year school organized into three (3) two grade sub-sections.

Shevah Mofet High School is located in Tel Aviv, the capital city of Israel.

About the School:
Shevah Mofet High School enrolls approximately 1,500 students in grades 7 through 14.

Interesting Facts:
  • Pupils come from all over the country to attend Shevah Mofet High School
  • For many years, Shevah Mofet was a 6-year school organized into a junior-high school (grades 7-9), and a secondary school (grades 10-12). In 2007-2008, a new organization was introduced, and the school was split into 3 two-grade subsections.
  • The secondary school has five departments, each focusing on a specific subject (in order of introduction, they are: Science and computers, business, administration, robotics and electronics, and humanities). Each department except business administration has two classes, for a total of 9 classes per year.

The Shevah Mofet High School GIA team is led by one teacher from the school and eighteen students.

Name of GIA Teacher:
Daniela Feldman

Name of Team Co-Captains:
Evelin Alterovich-Laufer
Djamila Nurayev

Name of Team Members:
Michal Alikhanov - 10th Grade
Danielle Cheban - 10th Grade
Frida Gorovoy - 10th Grade
Boris Iltchonkov - 10th Grade
Sofia Katzenelson - 10th Grade
Gal Kojuklov - 10th Grade
Daniel Kozlov - 10th Grade
Lidia Kurnosov - 10th Grade
Anna Makayev - 10th Grade
Yael Rabinov - 10th Grade
Netta Rozum - 10th Grade
Sagi Sanderovich - 10th Grade
Marina Shafir - 10th Grade
Maxim Shlochinski - 10th Grade
Nikolay Shutko - 10th Grade
Yulia Warshavsky - 10th Grade